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Jen believes that it is a part of our cultural DNA to meet, scheme, celebrate, and mourn over a meal and therefore know that food and drink are at the heart of creating vibrant and engaging gathering spaces— whether that’s the family dinner table or a large scale event. She is co-owner of Jen & Jamey’s Virtual Cooking Classes and The Chef’s Garden Catering and Events, one of the largest catering and event companies in Northeast Florida and Southern Georgia. She is inspired by her clients and the opportunity to use food and drink as vehicle for spreading joy and feels blessed to have built a team that not only shares in her vision, but that is committed to helping her grow it.
When she isn’t creating great events, she is busy creating memories with her husband Jamey, and their two teenage daughters, Charlee and Catye who she coparents and their fiery four year old, Kennedy.


Jamey’s love of cooking started as a young child in the kitchen with his grandmother. He went to college on a tennis scholarship and studied business and finance at the University of Florida. However, like most good career paths, his ambition led him down a new road. At the age of 24, he started cooking professionally. His impressive resume includes working under some of the biggest names in the restaurant world, including Chef Louis Chatham of Commander’s Palace and being the Executive Chef of a Four-Star and Four Diamond award-winning restaurant in Orlando by the age of 27 before building his own company. He is now the chef-partner at The Chef’s Garden Catering & Events and Jen & Jamey’s Virtual Cooking Classes. He is inspired to create food that makes people want to settle in and enjoy and his approach is simple: highlight the natural flavors. His humble passion for cooking and creating food that people remember has helped him create a loyal following.  When he is not cooking in one of his kitchens, he is busy with his wife Jen, daughters Charlee and Catye, and son Kennedy.

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